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Let's do some math real quick!

A trade convention is just around the corner, and you are sending three of your best team members out to represent what your company has to offer its customers. 

As a business, you have two options; One of which you are likely all too familiar with, while the second you may very well be learning about for the first time right now. 


This motel located 3.6 miles away from the convention center your team members will be attending is offering rooms for $120 dollars a night. They will be staying for seven days, so that’s $2,520.00 in total, for lodging alone. 


This 5-star luxury resort has gorgeous 3 bed, 2 bath suites available as of now at… $1,500.00 in total. 

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I took a chance, and I'm glad I did. They actually came through with everything they promised. 10/10 would (have) recommend.
Lisa M.
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