Yes, but with good reason. Vacation Property Management Services  deals strictly in business/Vacation owner connections in order to ensure our ability to offer guarantees in what it is we provide. 

For businesses, we are able to secure resort lodging instead of the typical motel/mediocre hotel option they are used to. Not only do they stay in nicer places with more accommodations, but they do so for a far cheaper price.

For vacation owners, they are able to receive what would offset maintenance and tax fees, amongst whatever else with guarantees in place to ensure a smooth process. The best part is, none of this affects their deeded points whatsoever!

Absolutely. Client care is the number #1 priority for not just our client reps, but our customer services reps as well.

Everything behind the scenes can be done so perfectly, but if the customer is not

1. Up to date with how great things are going.

2. Unable to reach out with questions, comments and concerns…

The bottom-line is, it’s still not a perfect experience.  To us, there is simply no excuse for easy access content negligence. 

Simply fill out our location request form located right here! Double check that everything is accurate, because we will need to confirm things over the phone with you or the business in need of travel booking. 

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I took a chance, and I'm glad I did. They actually came through with everything they promised. 10/10 would (have) recommend.
Lisa M.
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